Top 5: Snacks you won't believe are less than 100 calories! October 23 2014



Keeping your summer body come winter is not easy! With the weather getting colder, the idea of a night in watching films and stuffing our faces is becoming much more appealing! But step away from the ice cream because lucky for you, us wonderful people at SuperEleven are sharing our Top 5 favourite snacks with you, which all happen to be under 100 calories! No need to thank us, we know we’re the best!



1. Freshly popped popcorn with a sprinkling of sea salt. A Personal favourite of ours, this is a lot healthier than 

    microwaveable popcorn yet still just as delicious!





2. Edamame beans drizzled with Soy sauce. A great snack for when you’re feeling peckish at your desk.





3. Rice cakes topped with a scraping of almond butter. Tastes like sunshine in your mouth.

    (Well close enough anyway!)





4. Houmous and carrot sticks. The best healthy alternative to chips and dip!






5. A handful of cashew nuts. Tasty and a natural mood booster for when you’ve got those winter blues.