Super Eleven's Top 5: Alcohol Free Drinks Perfect For Dry Jan! January 22 2015


 Give alcohol the boot with our Dry January alcohol alternatives! Also perfect for during  your detox!




 Swap wine for a glass of grape juice as they have a very similar taste!  produce a      range of light grape juices which are refreshing and delicious! 




 Combine fresh mint with lemonade and a squeeze of lemon for a great alternative to a Mojito!




 Strawberry lemonade infused with strawberry, apple and orange makes a tasty drink which looks

 just like Sangria!




 Blend Super Green Detox with frozen strawberries, the juice of ½ lime, coconut water, ice and

 freshly squeezed orange juice. Beats a strawberry Daiquiri!




 Mix Elderflower cordial with lemon juice and apple juice for a delicious drink!