Super Eleven's Cocoa Chia Energy Bites March 31 2015


It’s almost Easter which means the shops will already be filling up with chocolate! It also means it will be getting harder to ignore your sweet tooth! If you’re craving some chocolate, just without the calories, try our Super Eleven Cocoa & Chia energy bites.



In it's rarest form, Cocoa powder has a range of health benefits! Full of vitamins and minerals, it is a great supplement to a healthy diet! Chia seed is one of the most nutritional foods you can find! It's packed full of Omega-3 fattyh acids, protein, calcium, fibre and iron! Chia and Cocoa are also great for boosting your energy, making these little bites the prefect snack!



-2 scoops Super Eleven Shake

(Available at

-3 teaspoons Super Chia seed


-2 tablespoons Super Cocoa Powder (plus extra for dusting)


-4 Tablespoons organic nut butter

(Our favourite is

-6 dates

-3 teaspoons water

-1 teaspoon raw vanilla extract



-Blast the chia seed in a food processor until it has a flour like consistency (about 30 seconds-1 minute)

-Add the Super Eleven, dates, cocoa powder, nut butter, water and vanilla extract and blend until all ingredients are combined.

-Roll the mixture up into small balls and dust with some cocoa powder, place in the fridge for 1 hour.

-Remove and enjoy!