Super Eleven's Vegan Ice Cream April 22 2015


The weather is finally heating up outside, which has left the Super Eleven Shake office with a craving for creamy cold ice cream! After trying out many recipes, we have finally perfected this one! But you didn’t think we would leave you out, did you? Try out our Super yummy recipe below!


Made with all vegan ingredients, and with no added sugar, this chocolate ice cream is healthy as well as delicious! Super Eleven shake provides you with 11 of the best natural superfoods the Earth has to offer, whilst the vitamin rich bananas and blueberries help to boost your mood and leave you feeling satisfied!




-1 tablespoon Super Cocoa Powder (

-1 scoop Super Eleven Shake (

-2 frozen Bananas

-Handful frozen Blueberries

-2 tablespoons Almond milk

-1 teaspoon pure Vanilla extract

-Crushed Almonds



-Add the bananas and blueberries into your food processor/blender and blend until smooth.

-Add the Cocoa powder, Super Eleven Shake, almond milk and vanilla extract in to the food processor and blend until all ingredients are combined.

-If the mixture is not the same consistency as ice cream, put it into the freezer until it has set (roughly 1-2 hours).

-Pour into your favourite bowl, sprinkle your crushed almonds and some more frozen blueberries on top and dig in!