5 Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Workout! June 11 2015




It’s not always easy to find balance in a busy lifestyle, we get it! Between juggling your job, your family and your social life, going to the gym slips further down your priority list! We understand that it’s hard to find time to get down the gym, which is why you need to make them 30 minutes you do get, count! We've put together these top 5 tips to help you get the most out of your workout. Our favourite gym is Gym Box, click the link to check it out! (Link HERE)


1. Eat before!

Eating before your work-out is vital! You need the fuel to boost your energy and really make your gym time count! We recommend our own Super Eleven Shake. (Available HERE)


2. Interval Training.

Interval training is combining intense activity with lighter activity, making for an easy yet effective work-out. This could be combining a brisk walk/jog with some short bursts of running, to get your heart racing and burn calories.


3. Try a Class!

Gym classes are a great and fun way to fill the short amount of time you have in the gym, with someone who knows about fitness helping you! You can try a range of classes, from beginners to advanced, and so there really is something for everyone! We recommend Zumba for getting your heart racing, or yoga for something a little more chilled.

4. Stay Hydrated!

Filling up your water bottle before hitting the gym is a must! You sweat at the gym and so you need to be replacing the liquid you are losing, to stop you from getting dehydrated, and therefore fatigued. If you find water boring, try jazzing it up by adding some Super Chia Seeds (Available HERE) and a few slices of lemon, for an instant energy boost! We love this Bobble water bottle that is perfect for the gym! Click the link HERE to check it out.


5. Find a workout you enjoy.

You would be surprised at how effective this really is! If you hate the running machine, find something else! There are plenty of ways to work-out and so it doesn't have to feel like a chore. If you are enjoying your work-out, it is easier to stay positive, and therefore work harder!