Super Eleven's Tropical Chia Ice Lollies July 01 2015



Hot weather has finally hit the UK and the need for icy cold treats is on the rise! These Tropical Chia Ice lollies are the perfect healthy alternative to a sugary ice pop! Full of real fruit and nutritious, energising chia, you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time! We've also found these great rocket shaped ice lolly moulds (available HERE from Tesco’s) that are perfect for kid’s birthday parties!


Chia seeds are often referred to as nature’s secret medicine, and is not without cause! Our favourite superfood is packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, fibre and iron, making it the perfect way to get all the nutrients needed for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle! 



-2 Tablespoons Super Chia Seeds (Available HERE)

-250ml Coconut water (We recommend Vita Coco, available HERE)

-Juice from 1 large Orange

-1 cup Pineapple

-1 Kiwi

-1/2 cup Raspberries



-Add the fruit, orange juice and coconut water in to your blender and blend until smooth. (We use a Nutri-bullet, find out more HERE)

-Add the chia seeds into the liquid mixture and stir well.

-Pour into ice lolly moulds.

-Freeze for at least 3 hours.

-Run the ice lolly moulds under hot water for 10 seconds to get the lollies out.