Dare to Ditch the Dairy: Our Top 3 Dairy Alternatives! July 08 2015


Dairy alternatives have long been enjoyed by people that are vegan, or have an allergy or intolerance to dairy. However, it’s only more recently that everyone seems to be jumping on the dairy-free bandwagon, and they’re reaping in the benefits! Dairy has long been linked to stomach problems for many, and it’s even been suggested that going dairy-free can improve your skin! Now we’re not saying that ditching the dairy is for everyone, it’s a big change to make! But whether you are just interested in the dairy free lifestyle, you have an intolerance to dairy, or you’re a vegan, here are our top 3 dairy alternatives…



The Milk: Alpro Almond milk (Find out more HERE)

We’ve often raved about Alpro Almond Milk, but it’s not without cause! This delicious and dairy free milk, is the perfect alternative to cow’s milk!


The Yoghurt: Coyo Coconut Yoghurt (Find out more HERE)

This creamy yoghurt has become a favourite amongst the Super Eleven staff! Make with coconut milk and available in a range of different flavours, you’re going to find it addictive!


The Chocolate: Doisy & Dam (Find out more HERE)

Everybody loves a bit of chocolate now and again and luckily, going dairy-free doesn’t mean giving it up! Doisy & Dam make a variety of delicious superfood chocolate bars that melt in your mouth! Our favourite is the Goji & Orange bar, simply delicious!