4 very good reasons for you to go Vegan September 09 2015

by Alena, Guest Blogger, Nutriciously



When I initially decided to go vegan, all I had in mind was the mistreatment and abuse of animals. Ever since childhood, I had been a vegetarian because one day, my mother told me where the meat on my plate came from. It was an instant decision and one that never made me look back.


Avoiding meat and fish became the most natural thing in the world to me, and I was almost certain I didn’t contribute to any animal abuse anymore. Once the reality of the dairy and egg industry hit me in my late teens, I felt devastated.


Almost instantly I dared to the take a leap of faith and go on a fully plant-based diet. Though this wasn’t the easiest thing to do, I kept on trying to cut out every single animal-based ingredient until I was left with my favorite diary, cheese and chocolate alternatives derived from the plant-based food world.


Being vegan for myself

Once I had the ethical and environmental side of veganism down, I recognized that my body had also gone through a few changes. Somehow, without even trying, I had lost a few pounds and my bad skin had cleared up.


So I became very interested in other benefits this way of eating could hold and did some nutrition-related research. What I found was astonishing: the powerful effects of natural, fresh foods could heal just about any ailment and they work much better than any artificial pill.


I decided to shift my way of eating more and more towards such fresh, whole, raw foods, while trying to avoid overly cooked and processed ones. Two years later, the benefits I received are astonishing:


1. Weight Loss

Cutting out animal products helped me greatly to reduce saturated fat from dairy and meat. This alone help me to drop a few pounds. Adding in lots of whole fresh foods really upped my game, and since they are full of fiber and water, I was filling my stomach with a far less calories while having a higher volume.


2. Improved fitness

Going vegan actually improved my game, instead of impairing it. You may not be aware of just how many great and successful athletes are vegan, especially slim, long endurance runners or bikers. All these nutrient-dense foods help your cells recover much faster and you feel lighter, more energetic throughout the day. Especially eating lots of fruit and starches make you want to move around all the time since every one of our cells runs on glucose.


3.Immunity boost

Since I come from a family where lots of people have or had cancer, I am aware of the fact that I may have a higher risk. So I do what I can to prevent myself from ever getting this disease – cutting out animal products is a huge step away from this, since I don’t consume anything containing human growth factors anymore, as well as foods which my body isn’t designed to digest (aka eggs, dairy, meat). I’ve barely gotten sick ever since I switched to a fully plant-based diet, simply because all these phytonutrients support my immune system perfectly. Especially if you are at risk of getting type 2 diabetes, heart disease or already have high cholesterol and blood pressure, switching to a plant-based diet will help you greatly. 


4.Healthy glow

No more dry skin, thing brittle hair, or acne on my face. Nurturing my body not only helps me to avoid diseases, but those little helpers coming from fruit and vegetables also make every part of my body become firmer, tighter and more glowing. This has also saved me a lot of money on beauty products too! My body finally got the chance to detox all of the accumulated toxins, which made me lose my former puffiness (and most of my cellulite!) -  instead my facial features became more defined. Also, my hair loss stopped and today, my hair looks and feels very silky.



About Alena:

Alena is a food lover and health enthusiast from Germany who spends most of her time studying, writing, playing and meditating. Having read every book imaginable on healthy living, she is excited about spreading this powerful message and reaching out. When she’s not in the kitchen creating awesome meals, she likes to travel, make music or enjoy the world outside. Together with her partner, she created Nutriciously where she loves to help other people to thrive on a healthy diet full of raw foods and constantly puts out new content. You can check out their free course on transitioning to a raw food diet HERE, and follow them on social media via Facebook or Twitter.


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