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    What is Super Ketone Shake?

    You’ve heard of ketone pills, right? Now we are letting you in on the better way to get your ketone fix, Super Raspberry Ketone Shake. This tasty and refreshing all natural super food shake is packed full of natural ketones and super foods.
    Super Ketone Shake is perfect for blending into smoothies mixed with your choice of almond milk or coconut water.

    What is a Raspberry Ketone?

    Raspberry ketone is a natural ingredient found in red raspberries, it’s what gives them their sweet scent. Not only does it smell delicious, raspberry ketone is also widely recognised for boosting your metabolism, and burning fat, which makes it great for anyone looking to shed some extra pounds before summer arrives!

    How does Super Ketone Shake Taste?

    Fruity, light and refreshing! Super Ketone Shake is delicious when blended with coconut water, half a banana, strawberries and blueberries!

    Coming soon...

    Super Ketone Shake

    To enjoy your Super Ketone Shake add 1.5 scoops of Super Ketone Shake to 200ml of unsweetened Almond Milk. Add half a banana, 3 strawberries blend for 30 seconds and enjoy.

    For best results have 1 Super Ketone Shake for Breakfast or Lunch.

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