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  • Super Green 90 Day Detox Diet

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    What Is Super Green Detox?
    Are you looking for a simple way to stay in shape? If you're aiming to boost your immunity, lose weight and feel lighter we have a focused green juice detox program packed full of nature’s richest phytonutrients ready for you! Our Super Green Detox delivers the nutrients and minerals you need to get your body into shape.

    How Does Super Green Detox Work?
    Super Green Detox goes the distance for an internal overhaul. Brimming with minerals and active enzymes, this is a 100% Raw Vegan Organic programme six different and delicious green juices, with ingredients ranging from burdock root to dandelion greens, sweet and spicy green juice with apple and ginger, and a green juice packed with superfood E3live. Once you jump aboard the green juice diet train, you’ll be en route to remarkable results.

    Your green juice diet experience...
    This low-calorie green juice cleanse is nut free and packed with bunches of organic green goodness! 

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